Basic Services Offered

Basic Fixed Deposit/Share Capital
    (Minimum subscription of a member to the share capital is P5,000 which entitles the member to interest on his capital depending on the net surplus.)

Supplemental Fixed Deposit (Savings)
    (Operates like a savings deposit)
    Supplemental fixed deposits for members and their dependents earn interests.
    Minimum deposit is P1,000.

Term Fixed Deposit
    (Operates like a time deposit)
    Earns higher interest. Minimum deposit is P5,000.

Petty Cash Loan (PCL)
    New members – P1,500/ Old members – P2,000

Regular Loan (RL)
    Two or three times the amount of the member’s share capital. This will depend on the membership status.

Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL)
    For the purchase of appliances, furniture, construction materials etc.

Special Contingency Loan (SCL)
    Maximum of P5,000

Grocery Purchase Service (GPS)
    New members – P1,500 worth of groceries and one (1) cavan of rice; Old members – P2,500 worth of groceries and one (1) cavan of rice.


Other Services Offered:

        Cooperative Housing Service. Lot availment at the BBCCC housing project.
        Lodging Service. Minimal fee to help defray expenses like water, electricity, beddings etc.
        Seminar Halls/Training Center. With PA and AV materials. Maintenance fee to help defray expenses.
        Death Aid/Damayan. For the death of the member, member’s spouse, member’s parents, or children.