Membership in BBCCC is open to the following:

• Any natural person who is a citizen of the Philippines, of legal age and with the capacity to contract;
• Any person at least 18 years of age with visible means of income through his own independent work or effort.
• Possesses a common bond of association;
• Resides or works in the area of operation (BaguioCity  and Benguet Province);
• Completes the prescribed Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES) which is held every 1st Sunday of the month;
• Can make use of the services of the cooperative more particularly the savings and loaning services and other allied services relative thereto.

Before you are allowed to attend the required Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES) scheduled every first Sunday of the month unless otherwise re-scheduled due to unavoidable circumstances, you must:

• Attend the personal interview at the BBCCC office from 8:30AM – 5:30PM, Mondays to Saturday (except on declared holidays).
• Bring the following papers and documents:

a. Certificate of Employment (for employees) indicating: monthly salary, date employed and status of employment;
b. Business Permit (for self-employed);
c. Any other proof of source of income if not an employee or self-employed, e.g. pension, allotment, remittances, etc.

• Pay the initial fees (Seminar Fee = P300 and Membership Fee = P200).
• Two (2) copies 2″x2″ ID pictures, one (1) copy 1″x1″ ID picture and ID pictures of children
• Copy of your birth certificate, your children’s birth certificate (if applicable) and marriage certificate (if applicable);