Every member shall have the following duties:

1. Pay the installments on capital pledged as they fall due and participate in the capital build-up through regular savings;
2. Patronize the business of the cooperative;
3. Participate in the parliamentary affairs;
4. Obey the rules and regulations of R.A. 9520 and its implementing rules and regulations, the by-laws of BBCCC, the decisions of the General  Assembly, the Board of Directors, and policies and decisions that may be promulgated by the Cooperative Development Authority; and
5. Promote the aims and purposes of the cooperative, the success of its business, the welfare of its  members and the cooperative movement as a whole.

Every MEMBER in GOOD STANDING (MGS) shall have the following rights:

1. Participate in the deliberations during membership meetings;
2. Vote on all matters brought before the assembly;
3. Seek any elective position, subject to the provisions on qualifications as provided in the By-Laws;
4. Receive interest on his/her deposits and share capital in the cooperative, and patronage refunds, if any; and
5. Inspect and examine the books of accounts, the share register and other records of the cooperative (subject to certain limitations) during office hours and to exercise other rights and privileges of membership.